Week of October 29th – November 5th

Sunday Mass – 5PM @ Tabler Arts Center Black Box

Join us every Sunday for Mass. This week’s mass celebrant will be Fr. John Fitzgerald from St James Church in Setauket. Come join the community and be with us on Sundays!

This Wednesday is All Saints’ Day (A Holy Day of Obligation)

The Solemnity of All Saints celebrates those who have gone before us and are now with the Lord in heaven, those who are both “known” and “unknown”.  Saints who have Feast Days are “known”. Yet each of us has known saints in our lives that fall into the category of “unknown”. It may have been a parent, a sibling, a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, or merely someone with whom we came in contact at some point in time.  On this day we fondly remember all those who have personally inspired us to be better Christians and better people.  It is those “unknown” saints who have provided examples of how to live and love.
Two Opportunities for Mass on campus on the 5th floor of the Melville Library, N5560:
  • Tuesday, October 31st: Candlelight Mass at 7 PM
  • Wednesday, November 1st: Mass at 12 PM
Come pray with us and spread the word!

Midnight Run – Friday November 10th 

Leaving SBU at 6:30 PM

Stony Brook CCM students are preparing for this semester’s Midnight Run, our night of service to the homeless on the streets of NYC.  Even more essential than the food, clothing and toiletries, we bring Christ’s love and friendship to those who are going through a difficult time.  There are several different ways to assist with this effort:
1. Donate clothing.  We are looking for men’s casual clothing, especially hoodies, jeans, sweats, sneakers, backpacks, long-sleeve t-shirts and blankets.  Used is fine . . . clean and in good condition is a must.  And if you don’t have any clothing to share, perhaps you would consider donating a new package of men’s white crew socks or underwear (size M, L, or XL)?  Those are “staples” on any Midnight Run.  Clothing may be brought to our campus 5 PM Mass in the TAC Black Box this Sunday or the CCM office in the Melville Library, N5576, through Wednesday, November 8th.
2. Join us on Wednesday, November 8th, beginning at 3 PM in the Melville Library, N5560, as we prepare for the Run.  The sandwiches you make, the clothing you fold, and the toiletries you organize will be handed out to our homeless friends on our Midnight Run. What a beautiful work of mercy! Sign up to help by emailing Joanne Buonocore.
3. Take part in the Run.  We carpool to the diocesan office in Rockville Centre where we meet the Midnight Run van.  From there we load our supplies and take off for Manhattan, for an evening of service to our homeless brothers and sisters.  Because this is such a popular service trip and seating is limited, participation is by “lottery system”, aka “picking names out of a hat”!  If you’d like to put your name into the mix, please email Joanne Buonocore by Sunday, November 5th.  Also please indicate in that email if you have a car and would be able to drive student volunteers to Rockville Centre the evening of the Run.  If your name is drawn to participate in the Run, you will be notified by Monday, November 6th.
Here’s where you can learn more about Midnight Run.

Father Sean – Weekly Office Hours 

Fr Sean Magaldi will have office hours on Tuesday, October 31st, from 6 PM – 9 PM, in the CCM office, Melville Library, N5574.  Stop by and wish Fr Sean a Happy Halloween!  He’ll be glad to see you!